Dog Rally Active Kids

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Mila, Finn, Jona and Pepe are good dog friends. They often frolic around the neighborhood, playing together. Their favorite plaything is the rolling toy, because delicious treats fall out of it as it rolls across the floor! Who will manage to collect the right dog treats and win the active Dog Rally? Ready? Woof, woof, woof!

  • Have ready the assembled dog training area; each player selects a patch of lawn in the dog training area. Take 2 treats of each color from the stockpile and stick them into the opening of the toy roller.
  • Kneel in a row on the floor and roll the toy roller forward with momentum.
  • A the same time, crawl on all fours behind the toy roller and collect the treats as they fall out.
  • Sort the collected treats into the matching color holes of your own patch of lawn.
  • The player who fills their patch of lawn completely with color matching treats wins.

Let’s get rolling! The rolling toy moves quickly across the floor, and colorful treats fly out from both sides. Now the players need to be quick! Pretend to be a dog and chase the rolling toy. The first player to collect the right dog treats will win the Dog Rally!

Ages 4-99

Number of Players 2-4

Time to Play 15 min