Call to Advemture: the Name of the Wind

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Call to Adventure is the hit storytelling game in which 1-4 players drat cards to create a character, face challenges, gain traits, and achieve a heroic destiny. Every players builds a unique story, but only the hero with the highest Destiny score will win!

Now you can bring your story to the wolds of the best-selling Kingkiller Chronicle books by Patrick Rolfhuss. The Name of the Wind and The Wise Men's Fear are two of the most critically-acclaimed fantasy novels ever written. By combining this expansion with the Call to Adventure core set, you can tell you own tales in the Four Corners of Civilization. 

While this set is made for fans of the Kingkiller Chronicles, it includes dozens of new cards that will appeal to anyone who enjoys character-driven heroic fantasy

Age 13+

Number of Players 1-4

Time to play 30-60 min