Beyond Normandy

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Beyond Normandy

Beyond Normandy is a Panzer Grenadier game covering the British operations from the end of June to the middle of July and the German reactions to them. Three maps (two 22" x 34" and one 22" x 17") depict the actual battlefield at 200 meters a hex and include individual bridges, villages, tracks, roads, hedgerows and church steeples.

The 583 playing pieces represent leaders, infantry and tank platoons and artillery batteries. They include the weapons employed by British infantry and armored brigades and German SS and Wehrmacht panzer and infantry divisions. New British tank types include the Churchill, Cromwell and Firefly tanks, the flame-throwing Crocodile, and the bomb-throwing AVRE. The Germans bring tough SS grenadiers, Panther tanks and more.

The game includes 39 scenarios and 5 "super" scenarios (combining two or more of the scenarios into a large-scale operational scenario).

This game is part of the Panzer Grenadier series

Ages 12+
Number of Players 2
Time to Play 180 min