Time to Play

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Time to Play

by: Gino Marinaro

We’ve been wrestling with the issue of opening up our play area under the current conditions. Organized play is still a ways off, things like Magic tournaments, Wednesday D&D, and other special events. We just can’t imagine any events at this time that would bring in a large number of people, or put people elbow-to-elbow and then have them get up and go sit where somebody else just left. We do believe we have a handle on casual play, in small numbers.

To begin with, we’ll open the play area by reservation, only. No casual walk-ins. We’ll also limit the number of players to 8, plus any workers, so long as they can properly social distance while in the play area. Lysol, hand sanitizer, gloves, and other disinfectant will be on hand for use by, for, and between groups of players. Masks are not required, but strongly encouraged. Masks don’t have to be worn by a group, so long as all the players agree to that. If one player wants everyone to wear a mask, then every player wears a mask. Please, if you’re feeling ill, don’t come in to play.

In order to adhere to distancing guidelines, the following set up formats should be followed for all card, board, and miniature games:

                2-Player Games: Players should sit at the ends of a single table, or the sides with 2 tables together

                3-Player Games: Using 2 tables, one player should sit in the middle of one side, with the other 2 players sitting at the far corners

                4-Player Games:  Using 3 tables, each player should sit in the middle of their own side

                Role-Playing Games:  Any number of players in any sitting format, so long as they maintain distance, tables may or may not be used

Exceptions can be made for families or people who live together in the same household.

With any game, only 1 person should be over the board or playing area at a time. Players should also limit the number of people touching the playing pieces and play area.

The play room will be cleaned between each reservation. Any store assets being used by any of the players will be quarantined for 3 days following use.

As we begin opening up the play area, reservation times will be limited to 12-4, Monday through Saturday, and 5-9 Monday through Thursday. We won’t be requiring any down payment or reservation fee, but that might change if we see a number of people who don’t show for their reservation. Evening reservations must show by 5:15, or get in touch with us about being late. If there is no group in to play in the evenings, the store will close at 5:00.

We think we have a solid and relatively safe plan for opening the play area back up to let players take advantage of our space and gaming assets. We will continue to monitor what we think is working, or might not be working as well as we thought, and changes may take place without notice.

We thank you for your cooperation.


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