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by: Gino Marinaro We’ve been wrestling with the issue of opening up our play area under the current conditions. Organized play is still a ways off, things like Magic tournaments, Wednesday D&D, and other special events. We just can’t imagine any events at this time that would bring in a large number of people, or put people elbow-to-elbow and then have them get up and go sit where somebody else just left. We do believe we have a handle on casual play, in small numbers. To begin with, we’ll open the play area by reservation, only. No casual walk-ins. We’ll...

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COVID-19, Gino, health, news, pandemic, safety -

These are extraordinary times.

We are beginning our new blog with a blog about COVID-19. What else? It’s safe to say that this pandemic has had a major impact on everyone. It’s had a great effect on people’s physical health, mental health, and financial health. Small businesses are being especially hard hit, financially. We’re no different.

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