Extraordinary Times

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Extraordinary Times

by: Gino Marinaro

These are extraordinary times.

We are beginning our new blog with a blog about COVID-19. What else? It’s safe to say that this pandemic has had a major impact on everyone. It’s had a great effect on people’s physical health, mental health, and financial health. Small businesses are being especially hard hit, financially. We’re no different.

We’re approaching 15 years in business. During that time, we’ve had plenty of ups and downs. We’ve made some real friends, and seen a few go away. We’ve seen some prosperous times, and some tough economic times. Nothing compares to the current pandemic situation that we’re all experiencing now. We were shuttered for about a month by the state, and now we’re trying our best to establish an online store to keep some revenue coming in, and keep the doors open. That’s been its own challenge. It took longer than we’d hoped, and has its own expenses. But we’re doing our best to get the online store as shoppable as we can.

With the hardships and sacrifices we’ve made, and continue to make, one thing stands above all else. If the sacrifices we’re making mean that one friend, 1 employee, 1 client, or any other person for that matter, survives this pandemic that might not have otherwise, then it’s worth it. That’s probably something we’ll never really know, for sure.

We believe that board games are an important part of the lives of many people. They play a significant role in the mental well-being of people. Games make for great family time, and exercise your brain.

As we continue to move forward during these times, we believe we have a plan in place that allows us to provide our service to our clients in relative safety. This plan involves limiting the number of employees in the store at any given time. We have a plan for cleaning and disinfecting work areas, the main door, and products sold. We can deliver orders for curbside pickup, or customers may pickup their order right inside the door. We’ve got disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer available for employee and customer use. At this time, May 12, we may allow a single person in to complete a transaction, but we’re not really open for browsing.

This plan will continue to evolve in the coming days, weeks, months. There are too many variables to have a single, solid, steady plan or idea of how we’ll proceed. Because of this, Things will change. We may get more or less lax in our procedures. We may or may not open our play area this summer. We’re hoping we can, even if it will be limited in scope and number of people we allow in to play. I don’t foresee tournaments anytime soon. As we reevaluate our situation, we sincerely hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy.

We look forward to seeing you all when we come out on the other side of this.


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  • Doris Trisko

    Just ordered a puzzle on line and looking forward to receiving it and having some fun. What else is there to do.

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