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by: Gino Marinaro We’ve been wrestling with the issue of opening up our play area under the current conditions. Organized play is still a ways off, things like Magic tournaments, Wednesday D&D, and other special events. We just can’t imagine any events at this time that would bring in a large number of people, or put people elbow-to-elbow and then have them get up and go sit where somebody else just left. We do believe we have a handle on casual play, in small numbers. To begin with, we’ll open the play area by reservation, only. No casual walk-ins. We’ll...

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COVID-19, news, pandemic, Play Area, safety -

You’re likely aware that we’ve decided to keep the play area closed for public use for the foreseeable future. What will the play area, and use of the play area, look like when we do reopen it? We really don’t know. However, we are exploring some options to try to figure some of that out before we get to the point of reopening.

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These are extraordinary times.

We are beginning our new blog with a blog about COVID-19. What else? It’s safe to say that this pandemic has had a major impact on everyone. It’s had a great effect on people’s physical health, mental health, and financial health. Small businesses are being especially hard hit, financially. We’re no different.

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